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Know What Holds You Back

Why do we need Vibrational Retuning? 

...Souls, like music tones, are "made of" vibrations. Guess what happens if everyday choices, which you make, do not align with the frequencies of your Soul's vibrations? Your vibrations get “out of tune”. If you continue making such choices for many lifetimes, most likely you will forget the beauty of the original melody of your Soul...
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Lemuria and the Akashic Records.

...About 200,000 years ago there was a flourishing civilization called Lemuria (Land of Mu), located on a continent a little farther north of Australia. It is believed that now all that is left of this continent is a chain of islands known as Hawaii, but back then 80% of the mountain was above the water...

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Conscious Parenting: Know Your Child at Soul Level.

When our kids come into this world they are truly vulnerable on their physical level, but their Souls might be much older and wiser than ours. They chose us as their parents because on the Soul level they know that we can create the best environment for them to express their Divine nature in this 3D world...

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  • Learn to identify a root cause
  • Accept responsibility for creating it
  • Eliminate energetic block
  • Make better choices

  • You want positive changes but fear taking action because you don't understand what holds you back. Does it sound like you?
  • I will show you how to end undesirable life situation by revealing its root cause, so that you can choose what brings you joy, peace and fulfillment.
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