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Are You Looking For Your Twin Flame?

...Many deep intimate connections at soul level on Earth happen between souls from secondary or extended soul families. Because these relationships are so beautiful and intense they might be mistaken for twin flame connections.​​​

Still a contact with your Twin Flame is possible, click below to

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Учимся Управлять Своей Энергией. Балансировки ЭМ Поля, Фазы I - IV.

Онлайн курс: четыре вебинара по четвергам 9, 16, 30 августа,  6 сентября, в 21:00 по Москве. 

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Think about your energies, about how to change them and just do it!  
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  • Learn to identify a root cause
  • Accept responsibility for creating it
  • Eliminate energetic block
  • Make better choices

How To Change An Unwanted Situation Energetically?

... Think about any unwanted situation in your life which also involves another person. What energies do you produce and put into the energetic container of this situation. Do you invite the other party to match and accordingly balance energies of worry, dissatisfaction or energies of understanding and support?   

Energies Of Standing Out VS Fitting In.

...From the moment we are born we are taught that we should fit into the world around us. The energy of standing out is not encouraged.  Our dominant reality is the one of conformity. We conform to certain beliefs, systems, lifestyles, etc. If you are different or do something differently your family, school, community will let you know right away… 

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​​Why do we need Vibrational Retuning? 

...Souls, like music tones, are "made of" vibrations. Guess what happens if everyday choices, which you make, do not align with the frequencies of your Soul's vibrations? Your vibrations get “out of tune”. If you continue making such choices for many lifetimes, most likely you will forget the beauty of the original melody of your Soul...
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The Indigos: Children And Adults.

...One of the most popular misconceptions regarding the Indigos is where the name "indigo" come from. Many believe that it is the color of their auras, which is not true, it is an indication of consciousness. The name was introduced about 30 years ago by Nancy Ann Tappe who noticed that many children had a new type of "indigo" personality... 

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Взгляд на отношения с «высоты» Души.​

Если на уровне Души мы вибираем тех, с кем мы вместе делим человеческий опыт, то почему многие отношения не приносят нам счастье? Почему мы постоянно пытаемся изменить отношения, но при этом боимся предпринимать решительные действия, как будто что-то сдерживает нас? ​

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Лемурия и Хроники Акаши.

...Около 200,000 лет назад на Земле существовала процветающая цивилизация Лемурия (Земля Му); она находилась на континенте, расположенном к северу от Австралии. По существующей версии, все что осталось от этого континента сейчас, это цепочка островов, известная как Гавайи; а раньше 80% их территории находилось над уровнем моря...

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Know What Holds You Back

Is It Possible To See Future In The Akashic Records?

...There are two components to the Akashic Records – one is constant, it is vibrations that define each Soul, they are unique to every Soul and never change. The other component is quite opposite; it is always in the process of change. It is “made of” endless possibilities that are out there for us to choose from. With every big or little choice we make, we open up new possibilities and “expire” some of the existing, it is an on-going process... 

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  • Вы стремитесь изменить свою жизнь, но что-то удерживает вас от решительных действий. Это похоже на вас?
  • Я помогу вам выявить глубинные причины негативных жизненных ситуаций, устранить их, и сонастроится с энергиями радости, изобилия и наполненности!  
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