If you asked me how I know that you are a 5th-dimensional being, the answer is very simple: it’s because you are reading this. If you were a 4th-dimensional being you would not be aware of other dimensions and would not care about this information. On the other hand if you were a 6th-dimensional being most likely you would already know everything I am about share, and would not read it either.

What makes you a 5th-dimensional being? It is the vibrational level of your consciousness, the level from which you are able to perceive the world and events happening in it. It does not make you better or worse than beings on the other levels, it is just the point at which you are right now on your path of spiritual evolution. 

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​Here’re some characteristics of a 5th-dimensional being:

  • You still encounter challenges from your ego, but it does not dominate your;
  • You might be involved in clearing past-life and karmic issues, negative soul agreements and contracts;
  • In one way or another you contribute to the enlightenment of the humanity;
  • You might be a teacher, a healer or a counselor who achieved a certain level of consistency in your work;  
  • Most likely you achieved a certain degree of happiness and fulfillment in your life path.


What A 5th-dimensional Being Should Know.

I would like to point out some challenges you might be facing:

The biggest one is probably in the area of relationships. Most of the people you meet on daily basis are on a lower vibrational level than you. Please recognize it and respect it. Everybody is moving up the spiritual ladder at his/her own pace, don’t try to push them up if they are not ready yet, rather go down to their level and communicate from there. This will help you in creating better relationships with the world around you.

Your intimate relationships might also be challenging since you have entered the realm where there is a scarcity of possible compatible partners for you.  Does it mean that you won’t be able to create happy intimate relationships? Of course not!  Many 5th-dimensional humans consciously enter into a partnership with those who are on 4.5 – 5.00 levels, they are well aware of what to expect and what not to expect from their partners and make it work!

At some point of your life you might need some guidance from a teacher or a mentor. Be careful and pick the right one. If it is spiritual guidance choose a mentor who is at the same or higher level than you are, the one who comes from his/her heart, not ego. 

​Sometimes a guidance regarding practicalities of life is needed (let’s say you plan to start a new business or buy/sell a house). In the ideal scenario, you will find a 5th-dimensional mentor to help you, still let’s face the real life: most of the experts you will find are probably 4th-dimensional beings. There is nothing wrong with following their advice and guidance, still remember that they are not able to see the whole picture the way you do from their level. Be selective; choose a part from their teaching/advice that resonates with you and use it, at the same time be aware that there will always be other parts that will not work for you. An advice coming from a 4th-dimensional being is never in full alignment with a 5th-dimensional perspective.

 I encourage you to use your inner wisdom and discernment in everything you do in your life; know your own level and know that it took you many lifetimes and spiritual work to get here. Be understanding and patient with those around you who are on different levels!  

Irina Grundler