Would you like to tap into personal Akashic Record stored in one of the quantum layers of your DNA in order to bring these qualities forward and remove blocks that prevent you from expressing them in your everyday life?

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Irina Grundler

The first thing that comes to my mind in connection with ancestors is Mayflower and pilgrims; maybe because recently I visited a Pilgrim Museum in Provincetown, Cape Cod, or maybe as a part of Thanksgiving spirit.

I am thinking about their treacherous voyage across Atlantic and about what kind of personal qualities they had to possess which enabled them to set on this journey.  For sure they needed courage and determination to succeed in order to overcome the fear of the unknown; a dream/vision of their future combined with positive attitude; the ability to put lots of efforts and work hard relying just on themselves and fellow pilgrims to make their dream come true. It all paid back since over the time they built a beautiful and powerful country.

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It does not really matter if your ancestors came to America in 1620 or several hundred years later; what does matter is that to certain extent they all possessed personal qualities similar to those of Mayflower passengers.

Would you agree that re-activating and using these qualities would be very helpful in our today's society?

Not all blocks that stay in the way of achieving our full potential come from current or other lifetimes. Some of them we might “inherit” from our ancestors. These blocks can be very frustrating, because it not actually us who created them, it might be our parents, grandparents etc… still we chose to incarnate into a specific family with certain ancestral qualities/patterns, negative blocks being just a part of the “package”, and this makes us responsible for them.

​On the bright side each “ancestral package” along with blockages contains gifts and talents which can be accessed through the Akashic Records and used in current life. So let’s focus on positive ancestral qualities embedded in our DNA.

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