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​One of the ways to do it is to find out who your kids are on their Soul level, what their Divine Gifts are and what you can do in order to help them to fully express these gifts in their life. Vibrational Re-Tuning sessions for Children are designed for these purposes. The information revealed during a session is stored in the Akashic Records of each Soul.

​Here’s an example: You probably heard about Indigo and Crystal kids who started incarnating on Earth in mass in the 80’s and 90’s (according to some sources even in the 50’s and 60’s), they bring higher level of consciousness to our planet. These Souls come from Nihal star system and many of them incarnate on our planet for the first time. Because of this they just don’t understand “the rules” that govern our society and often don’t want to live according to them.

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Knowing this information might be very helpful to a Nihal Soul parents. In many cases it might explain why their kids keep on “experimenting” with the rules of the society or sometimes rejecting them. Obviously as parents they need to be very patient explaining how our society works and getting their kids to accept the rules and adjust to them. 

​​Another valuable piece of information besides a Soul Group of Origination is discovering what your kids’ dominant energy vibrations are. Our souls are “made of” energetic vibrations which correspond to certain personal characteristics in a 3D world. This information can be used to determine how to better help your kids to adjust to this world without hurting their true selves, to develop gifts they are abundant in instead of putting efforts into developing skills that correspond to a very small part of their vibrational spectrum and to direct them to choosing an occupation that is aligned with their unique vibrational qualities.  

Conscious parenting is more than just being a good Mom or Dad. It is about adopting a multi-dimensional approach in parenting in order to help your kids to be happy, successful and to enable them to create a life they want!

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Irina Grundler

Conscious Parenting: Know Your Child at Soul Level.

When our kids come into this world they are truly vulnerable on their physical level, but their Souls might be much older and wiser than ours. They chose us as their parents because on the Soul level they know that we can create the best environment for them to express their Divine nature in this 3-D world.

Still as parents we often don’t think about what they (as Souls) expect us to create. We love them and do all things that good parents should for their kids, since this is what (in most cases) our parents did for us.  The thing is that the time is different NOW! Within the last 30 years we were able to create energetic portals of Light for new children coming to the Earth. When they enter our 3-D world through these portals they can maintain spiritual connection to their Divine Selves from the moment they are born. This puts a new level of responsibility on parents and at the same time provides possibilities to go beyond traditional parenting by bringing higher awareness into it.  

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