I want to make it clear: this type of reading is not really for people who are deceased; it is for us, who are on this plane, because we might greatly benefit from it.

Think about people in your life who are already gone.  Do you wish you could say something to some of them that you never had a chance or time to actually say? Do you wish you could have spent more time together with some of them but never did? Do you wish you could have treated some of them differently, forgive, let go of tension between you?   

All this unfinished business creates energetic cords between us and those who crossed over. As everything in life some cords might serve us good, while others hold us back. If we don’t get these negative cords energetically “cut” they will carry over into future lives and will create issues and affect your relationships then.

​Though as you are well aware the term “future life” is not accurate, since there is no past or future in multi-dimensional reality, everything happens now.  Because of this negative energetic cords may impact your life already now. 

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One of the extreme situations happens when we allow a deceased person to energetically attach to us. Most likely we do it subconsciously out of guilt or obligation. This situation is very serious and is negative for both: the attached entity (because it cannot reconnect with its main energetic “body”) and the person to whom the entity is attached to, because it drains him/her. 

If while you are reading  this article names of some people who were in your life before come to your mind, it is a good indication that there might be some unfinished business left or some negative karma was created.

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Don’t wait till it grows into a big issue in your life, current or future.  Using vibrational frequencies of the Akashic Records together we can get to the root of the problem and remove it. Negative cords can be "cut", affected areas can be healed energetically and you will feel a big relief right away!

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