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Healing Process: Joyful or Painful?

I believe the way we receive healing it is of our choice. When my son was about 7 years old I had to take him to healing sessions, he had problems adjusting to his school and would constantly get sick there. I remember walking with him to a bus stop after those healing sessions, he would be so full of energy, so happy that he could not even walk normally; we would run around me in circles radiating joy in every direction.  This is how a healing process feels to me: joyful and uplifting.

Each one of us has a baggage; we do accumulate blocks as we go through human experiences. I see every person as a sort of a volcano with lots of stuff being dormant and just some blocks being active and in need of healing right away. I recommend removing those active blocks, since they are ready to be removed anyway. If you start digging too deep and bringing out dormant stuff you might initiate a healing crisis, which might be very difficult and painful for your body to process. Everything should happen in its time, forcing the process might not be a wise thing to do.    

In a healing process I would look for relief, calmness, clarity, not for pain and confusion.  When I set healing intentions for myself or my clients I always add the following words at the end: “I entrust this intention to be carried out with joy for the highest good of all”. Feel free to use it if it resonates with you!

Irina Grundler

Where does the inner wisdom come from? From you at a higher level of consciousness, from your Higher Self. You Higher Self cares for you and supports you, it wants you to be comfortable,  there is really no reason for your Higher Self to create a process that would be painful. For example if you had some traumatic experience in the past (in current or other life times) you don’t really need to go through another traumatic experience of healing the original one. It just does not make sense to me. 

Naturally each situation is unique and a healing process and a human’s reaction to it are different. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable,  most likely this is connected to energetic shifts  and getting used to new energy patterns, might be easy for some people and not that easy for others.  This should be a temporary state.  

What do you think? Should a healing process be joyful and easy or should it be painful and uncomfortable?  In reality there is no right or wrong answer to this question, still I would like to share my perspective and first let’s start with defining a healing process.

Healing is an innate ability of our physical, mental and emotional bodies to get back to a healthy state.  A true healing comes from within, not from outside. A healer  does not do “healing”, instead he/she creates a space and channels energy necessary for the body to initiate a healing process;  the inner wisdom of a human directs the energy in a way that is the most beneficial for him at this particular moment.