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Managing Your Personal Energy.

And here’s another example. A lady came to my booth at a healing expo asking for a reading, but did not explain what bothered her. After a certain level of trust was established I learnt that she had recently retired not because she wanted to, but because she her boss decided to hire a younger person. Needless to say she felt very hurt, had difficulty accepting the situation. Her inner imbalance created problems within her family.   

Every situation presents us with different opportunities. In this particular case the lady could continue generating negative energies, feeling hurt, mistreated and sorry for herself or she could turn it all around and focus on creative energies. She could look at the situation as an opportunity to start something new she never had a chance to do before, for example volunteering at an animal shelter or at a food bank.   

​Very often you feel that things happen to you and you have no control. In a way this might be true: there are situations that you cannot change. Still here’s what you can change, it is your attitude towards such situations; you are in control of energy you generate when you think about them, act upon them and feel about them.  

I encourage you to take charge of how you use your personal energy and focus on creating joy, peace and fulfillment! I also invite you to participate in a 4 week course starting on September 28th which will help you to better manage your energy. 

Irina Grundler

Your personal energy is your precious resource which can either support your evolution and moving forward or hold you back. The choice is always yours, because it is you who generates energy with your thoughts, words, emotions or actions. 

You can choose to use your energy to generate worry, disappointment, anger, frustration… Or you can choose to use it to generate joy, fulfillment, peace, creativity. Life presents you with many challenges and opportunities; still it is up to you how to react to them energetically. Below are just a couple of examples to illustrate this.

Not so long ago I presented to a group and as a part of the presentation conducted a meditation. While most of the group was deeply involved in the meditation I noticed that one participant had trouble relaxing.  It felt as if she were uncomfortable in her chair, her arms were moving, eyes did not stay closed etc… After the meditation everybody shared their wonderful experiences and this person did not have any, instead she complained about the energy of the room being “cold” and not suitable for such practice. 

​Perhaps the environment was not the greatest, still it did not seem to bother the rest of group. The lady I mentioned earlier chose to focus on being uncomfortable. By doing this she created energies of distraction and as a result missed an amazing experience. She could have chosen to be in charge of her thoughts and emotions, but instead she allowed them control her.  

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