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​Very often I receive a question: “Is there a way to proof that an Akashic Record reading is accurate?”

In order to answer it, I would like to share several cases based on my experience with my clients (obviously all names and certain circumstances are changed). These cases demonstrate how other lifetimes patterns influence our current life and accordingly validate the accuracy of the information revealed.

Remember that the Akashic realm is an energetic realm, so information that is received from there is energetic in nature. An intuitive who is able to receive and process this information is sort of a translator who translates from “energetic” language to human language.  Any translation is always subjective, still the purpose is to present the essence of the information received as accurately as possible.​

Here’s what was revealed from Anna’s Akashic Record: Anna and Ted spent several lifetimes together before the current one. In one of them Anna was Ted’s daughter and after her mother unexpectedly passed away she decided to stay with her father to help him heal emotionally. From spiritual perspective she took on a healing contract which is still present in her Record. This contract created a block that was holding her back from establishing a relationship with Ted in current life time; intuitively she felt that something more than attraction was involved from his side. Without realizing it Ted again expected emotional healing from her which he needed after his divorce and this is why was seeking to re-connect.  Needless to say that a relationship can be successful and fulfilling only if it is based on free will, energetically any kind of a contract (you can think about a contract as an obligation) is perceived as an obstacle. 

Current Life Issues And Past Lives Patterns.

Case #2 Bertha. Bertha's reading revealed that she had a very controlling mother in one of her past lives. In spite of the fact that she was sick and spent lots of time in bed, she managed to make everybody and everything in the household turn around her. Her daughter was not even allowed to think about getting married and leaving her mother. After the mother died a part of her energetic body remained attached to her daughter’s 2nd chakra, energetically Bertha still allowed to be controlled.

Here’s how this pattern played out in Bertha’s current life: her father died when she was around 18, which badly affected her mother mentally. She desperately needed the daughter near her all the time, was clinging to her not allowing her to move out of the house. In order to escape Bertha married the first guy who turned up in her life.  The marriage was a disaster, as the husband was as controlling and the mother was, but in his own way.

This case clearly demonstrates the connection between past life patterns and current lifetime situations. 

Often when I describe the events of another life time to my clients I hear the comment: “You’ve just described my current life!” I see this as a proof that though with each incarnation we get a new body, it still “takes on” old energetic patterns embedded in our Akash. Negative energetic patterns continue showing up until the root cause is removed.

Case #1 Anna. Anna contacted me because she was curious about her relationship with Ted. When she first met him they both were married, she felt a certain connection between them, but nothing developed out of this since both were busy with their own lives. Ted reappeared in Anna’s life several years after their first meeting. By then Anna was divorced and learnt that Ted had recently divorced as well. She felt same connection/attraction again, still something was holding her back. She wanted to know what it was. 

Case #3 Carol. One of Carol’s past lives took place in Asia. She had a happy marriage, the only issue was that she could not conceive a child. Having a child was extremely important in her culture at that lifetime and hoping to change the situation her husband’s family put a spell of fertility on her. Of course from normal human perspective there is no harm in putting or accepting this spell, for sure their intentions were the best. Still energetically accepting a spell means allowing somebody to control you. (If a Soul incarnated into a body which was not able to conceive a child, there is a reason for it, some lesson to experience). Let’s see how this pattern showed up in Carol’s current life.

In current lifetime Carol got married, but due to certain health issues she was advised not to have a child, which (again!) created a huge problem with her husband and his family.  Subconsciously she allowed the family to control and influence her relationships with her husband which finally led to a divorce.

All of the three cases above illustrate how negative energetic patterns from other lifetimes affect us in current lifetime. You can take many actions in order to break away from these patterns, still for as long as negative energy creating a block is “sitting” within you it will tend to attract similar situations.

The beauty of working in the Akashic Records is that it allows us to reveal the root cause of current issues you experience and to remove them.  Taking responsibility for creating blocks and removing their energetic foundation will empower you to create new desired patterns in your life.

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Irina Grundler