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​Irina Grundler

Still I realized that a Soul Matrix is not really a "rainbow", it should look more like an energetic soup with eight types of vibrations being its ingredients. All of them are cooked together and cannot be separated from each other. I wondered what this “soup” should look like…

Several months ago I met an amazing artist Arlene Holtz and immediately felt attracted to her art, especially to the way she used colors in her paintings. It took me some time to realize what I saw in them, but when I did it was it was incredible! It felt as if each painting was an energetic "portrait" of a different Soul, each color was a different type of vibrations, and all together they created a picture of an “energetic soup” I’d been looking for.   ​

In paintings presented on Arlene’s website she uses many different colors, often one or two of them are clearly dominant, for example, green; blue and white; red etc., just like vibrational qualities in a Soul Energetic Matrix.

Arlene might not agree with me, but I believe she possesses a truly unique gift to intuitively “see” people at the level of their Soul and express her vision through colors. With Arlene’s permission I copied several of her paintings to the right.  ​​

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Soul Energetic Matrix.

​​If you attended one of my presentations or/and had a consultation with me you probably remember me explaining that a Soul is “made of” eight different types of vibrations. Normally I would talk about dominant vibrations which "occupy" about 50-60% of vibrational spectrum; these vibrations determine our personality qualities in physical world. 

Often I would show a picture (please see below) and explain that different colors on the picture represent different energetic qualities at Soul level. The picture reminds me of an “irregular rainbow” and definitely serves it purpose to demonstrate what a Soul Energetic Matrix is.​