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Relationships From A Soul Perspective: Soul Families, Soul Mates, Twin Flames

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Speaking Topics

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You will learn about:

  • What role relationships play in your personal growth;
  • How different Soul groups operate very differently in life;
  • Types of Soul Relationships;
  • What are the chances of you meeting your Twin Flame in physical realm;
  • How shared karma and past-life agreements affect your relationships today;
  • What makes a relationship successful from spiritual perspective.

• The Akashic Records - an energetic "database", which contains information about every Soul and its journey going back to the moment of its origination from Divine Source;
• Why the key to your Soul Purpose is stored within your Akashic Record; 
• Soul’s Vibrational Qualities and their role in determining Life purpose;
• How separation between Divinity and its Physical Expression was created; 

​• The difference between Soul Purpose, Life Purpose and Life Lessons;
• Typical mistakes most Spiritual Seekers make when it comes to Manifesting their Soul Purpose; 
• How Re-Tuning to the Original Vibrations of your Soul can help you in Discovering and Manifesting your Soul Purpose.

We will take a "scientific" approach towards intuition and talk about how your personal electromagnetic structure serves you as a tool to intake and process multidimensional (intuitive) information.

You will have a chance to participate in a group energy session aimed at calibrating and stengthening your personal electromagnetic transformer and accordingly enhancing your Intuitive abilities.

Electromagnetic Mechanism Behind Your Intuition

The Indigos: Children and Adults

Akashic Records And Discovering Your Soul Purpose.

  • Who the Indigos are;
  • Where they come from and why they are here now;
  • How to recognize an Indigo;
  • What you should know if you have an Indigo in your family;
  • ​​How to help Indigos to adjust to our society.
  • The content of the lecture includes Irina's personal experiences with her Indigo clients and Indigo son.