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Most likely instead of helping you with spiritual growth this mentor and his teachings will hold you back and keep you attached to 4th dimensional world. He won’t do it on purpose, he is simply not aware of a huge spiritual world being out there which is governed by laws of Love and Spiritual Wisdom. 

So don’t get caught by the outward appearance and glamour, look inside. Below are some questions you might want to ask yourself which will help you to figure out if a mentor is “right” for you:

  • Do I feel being supported in my spiritual growth by this mentor?
  • Do I feel more aware in the presence of the mentor?
  • Does this mentor encourage me to think for myself?
  • Does this mentor give me space to move at my own space and make my own observations?
  • How do I feel after communicating with the mentor: joyful, fulfilled, peaceful or confused and uncertain? 


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In general people who vibrate at level 4 are dominated by their egos, still as they get closer to level 5 they might develop the ability to feel or sense energetic fields, communicate with multidimensional beings and even use these abilities to manifest certain things in their lives. When a person like this assumes the role of a spiritual mentor he/she comes from his ego, not from his heart. It does not mean these people are bad or negative in any way; actually very often they are charismatic and fun to be with, they can be very successful in a 4th dimensional world and accordingly attract lots of followers.  ​

I encourage you to use your discernment when meeting such kind of a mentor. Probably there are certain things that you can learn from him/her and use in your everyday life. Still a 4th dimensional person dominated by ego can never be an ideal mentor for a 5th dimensional Spiritual Seeker. 

How To Recognize The "Right" Spiritual Mentor

As you walk your Path of Spiritual Awakening you can always use some guidance, directions or encouragement. With so many options available to us, especially through the internet, it might not be easy to make a choice and figure out what spiritual mentor would be “right” for you.

There are several things I recommend keeping in mind.

Very often in my lectures, presentation or articles I talk about every person vibrating at a certain vibrational/dimensional level. While most of humanity vibrates at level 4 (physical plus mental levels), some of us vibrate at level 5 (the level of Spiritual Seekers) and even level 6. 

Another important thing to realize is that you are under no obligation to be “stuck” with one mentor no matter how ideal he/she seems to you. As we experience what is possible to achieve spiritually while being in a physical body we might use help and guidance from different mentors, each of them being an expert in some particular area(s). As you grow and evolve you might need new mentors who are able to better help you with understanding and managing your new vibrational state.

A mentor coming from the heart will support whatever is needed for your evolution, including getting engaged with other mentors and teachings. Remember that by helping you in your spiritual growth he/she also contributes to his own spiritual growth, so in a way you and your mentor are one team moving along the Path together for as long as it is beneficial for both of you.  

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Irina Grundler