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With Mother's day approaching let's talk about relationships with our mothers. I am sure  you know that before we incarnate into a physical body we choose a family to be born in and specifically we choose a mother. So if this is our choice why this relationship might be challenging?  A quick answer is that sometimes we desire to learn something or to have certain experiences that can be better fulfilled through a mother and child relationship.​

Spiritual Purpose of  Mother & Child Relationship.

And now if you are a mother think about your relationships with your child/children regardless of their age. Ask yourself why they chose you as their mother, what is so unique about you that only you can provide them with? How successful are you with fulfilling this mission in your life?

For sure a spiritual approach to Mother & Child relationships puts a lot of responsibility on us, still on the other hand it opens up endless possibilities for growing and expressing our potential. 

A relationship is considered successful if it helps you to grow and evolve. If you have a loving and easy relationship with you mother or child, just enjoy the ride and still look for possibilities to develop yourself spiritually which this relationship provides. If your relationship with your mother/child makes you feel unhappy, disappointed, angry or if you experience an absence of mother/child relationship, ask yourself why you chose this,  what you were supposed to learn from it and evaluate your learning progress. Where were 10 years ago and where are you now? How do the dynamics of your relationship change, how does it help you grow? ​

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Happy Mother's Day!

​Irina Grundler

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