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Path To Awakening​

​The purpose of tuning to the energies of sacred sites and temples is experiencing higher vibrations, awakening, self-empowerment…  Still you do not have to travel far in order to receive this experience.  The source of higher vibrations might be close to you and available every day.

It might be people who you know or even somebody within your own family who are more connected to higher vibrations (Parents, take a better look at your own kids!).  They are teachers and healers who might not even be aware of who they are. Think about if you have this kind of people in your life?

It might be events when by getting together and expressing certain intentions a group of people together can connect to different vibrational levels. I am sure you participated in such events. Can you name just some of them?

Also it might be certain energy modalities you work with yourself or experienced while others work with you. What are they?

 I am so grateful to all people and events in my life that helped me recognizing myself.​​​​

​I think that right now I am at the point when I am really starting to get it, to realize who I am and why I am here. I am very interested in learning, I do lots of reading and attend all kinds of classes, lectures, presentations etc… but it feels more and more that instead of learning new things , I remember that I already have all this knowledge within; feels like an outside event helps me to pull out stuff from within me. Very cool experience!

Recently I attended a lecture by Freddy Silva held in Pittsburgh, loved it! At the end of the day I realized that the empowering energies of sacred sites and temples he talked about are very familiar to me, maybe partly from other lifetimes, but partly definitely from this one. Below are pictures of some sites Freddy Silva mentioned which I visited at different times and either consciously or unconsciously connected to the their energies.

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Reincarnation as everything in the Universe has positive and not-so-positive sides... Here’s how I see it: our physical bodies are limited in time. If we lived only one lifetime we would not be able to experience everything we want to experience and learn everything we want to learn. By re-incarnating many times we take care of our Souls learning and experiencing needs.  Definitely positive!

On the other hand because of re-incarnation it takes us about half of our lives to “remember” who we truly are and what we already know within.​​​

What Supports You On Your Path

​I appreciate different energy modalities I had a chance to work with. Each one of them was an integral part of my Path, none being accidental.  Reiki, Sahaja Yoga, EMF Balancing Technique,  Reconnective Healing made it possible for me to embrace the Akashic Energy and evolve with it. The Akashic energy became my direct Path to Self-Empowerment and Enlightenment and I am so happy to pursue it!

Because each of us is so different and unique I encourage you to contemplate what energies support YOU on Your Path, to recognize and to appreciate them, and just to move forward to embracing your Infinite Potential! And remember NOTHING IN YOUR LIFE IS ACCIDENTAL:  every person, every event, and every energy vibration are there to support you. It is always YOUR CHOICE either to disregard it or to recognize and use for evolving.


​​​Irina Grundler